Re:course adds Cambridge doctor to the team

Re:course is growing - and not just in clinical impact.

Following a period of rapid expansion, Re:course today announced the appointment of recently qualified Cambridge University doctor, Hardeep Lotay. This exciting hire aligns with the Re:course vision: a leader in medical simulation and clinical innovation. After all, you can’t build a platform for healthcare professionals without having them in your team. Let’s speak to Dr Lotay about why he joined Re:course and what he hopes to achieve.

Welcome to the team! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you, excited to be joining! So I’m Hardeep, a recent graduate of Cambridge University medical school and self-confessed dreamer. I like to think about the big picture in healthcare, which is ultimately why I joined the team.

I’m a big football fan (the red side of Manchester) and an animal lover*- in fact, I actually recently became vegetarian!

[*Hardeep conducted this interview whilst stroking Quince, the office dog]

What made you decide to leave clinical medicine?

I’ve probably answered that question a hundred times since I did, but my answer always stays the same: I wasn’t happy in the system, and knew I could have a bigger impact elsewhere. I like to quote the analogy of modern medicine as treating people who have fallen off a cliff: it’s important, but we’re much better off going upstream of the process, putting up signs, making alternative paths and keeping people from falling off in the first place.

What was it about Re:course that made you want to join?

I’d say there were probably two main reasons: what the company itself wants to achieve and then the people. I’d previously done some content writing for Re:course and even as a small cog, I was given so much support, encouragement and advice.

When I learnt more about the platform and the technology, it resonated with me because I could actually see how I would use it as a doctor. Sometimes you hear about healthtech platforms and think… this is probably going to create as many problems as it solves, but I never got that impression here- and from what I’ve seen I’m not the only one!

"I like to quote the analogy of modern medicine as treating people who have fallen off a cliff: it’s important, but we’re much better off going upstream of the process..."

What are you most excited about?

I think for me, having been on the ground with doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals there is so much more we can do to support them, so actually seeing tangible results will be really exciting. I also can’t wait to have ex-colleagues of mine saying they’ve used the platform- that will be a real moment of personal pride!

There’s also just something really exciting about this industry and where it’s going; we’ll see some amazing innovations coming forward and knowing that I’m part of the movement is great. Metaverse consultations, digital patients, talking to avatars, it’s all stuff you’d imagine arriving in a few decades- but it’s here right now, and I’m part of it. That’s pretty exciting!

The team at Re:course would like to extend a huge welcome to Hardeep and hope he settles in well.

We love having clinicians on board; we put the success of our platform down to the involvement of healthcare professionals across the entire development process.
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