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Scale experiential training, accelerate capacity, and enhance patient care. 


There is a mounting healthcare workforce crisis threatening patient care. Globally, we will need 80 million new healthcare workers by 2030 and 200,00 new nurses per year until 2026 in the US alone. This is compounded by a changing population, an increase in demand, and financial challenges, with medical errors contributing to 200,000 deaths and costing $1.9 billion annually.

Recourse gets you ahead of the game, from hospitals and healthcare systems, medical & nursing schools, residency and specialty training programs, to telehealth curricula, we have a support package for you. With Recourse, you can upskill and assess more clinicians in less time, at lower cost, without putting pressure on an already stretched workforce, and yield the returns of engaged, confident, and proficient learners, while enhancing the patient experience.

Enhance patient care

Improve patient experience with safer training across diverse clinical scenarios to rapidly increase the confidence and proficiency of HCPs and reduce errors associated with communication, misdiagnosis, unnecessary referrals and interventions.

Accelerate capacity

Train more in less time. Empower HCPs and facilitators with automatic performance insights across difficult to train encounters & accelerate learning curves through more rapid, regular proficiency check-ins to understand learner strengths and weaknesses faster, and revolutionise onboarding. 

Return on investment

Capitalize on increased efficiency and the reduced cost of face-to-face training & facilitation, power up staff retention with data-driven onboarding & recruitment, enhance patient satisfaction & reduce clinical claims.

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“As a Medical Student training in a Pandemic, Re:course AI has provided a brilliant opportunity for me to practice taking histories whilst teaching me about patient management - all in a very student-friendly and exam-oriented way”.

Justin Wilson

University of Cambridge

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