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Optimize performance for better patient care

Turn any device into a conversational performance engine,  generating insights for organizations.

Digital Humans

No-code creation


AI-powered digital avatars

Proprietary conversation engine

The success of any conversational AI relies on the realism and accuracy of responses. That’s why we’ve trained our natural language engine on thousands of interactions, to give your learners the ultimate experience.

Diverse AI human library

Engaging, voice-interactive scenarios with photorealistic avatars from any demographic to support your training objectives, from clinical reasoning to advanced communication & leadership.

No-code authoring

Rapidly develop new scenarios with a streamlined no-code authoring process. Deploy to your bespoke, live review environment and provide real-time feedback before launch.

For Teams

Record, store, and share simulations with team-based video collaboration

Record, upload and store

Time stamp comments


Data-driven assessment powered by your Insights dashboard

Clinical intelligence, built-in

Automatic user

Users are automatically assessed against custom markschemes, with granular detail down to individual phrases. Guided learning modules provide instant feedback to aid users in building their internal learning algorithms.

Cohort analysis

Assess user cohorts to benchmark against standards, identify areas for improvement and ensure decisions are made based on objective data.

Exportable reporting

Easily export data to generate stakeholder reports and streamline data analysis. Ensure accurate, objective data to measure against KPIs.

Any device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Turn any of your personal devices into a powerful clinical learning engine. All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to do more with less time.


Explore Solutions

Hospitals & Health Systems

  • Scale-up clinical learning
  • On-demand modules for busy schedules
  • Identify risks before they get to the patient
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Medical & Nursing Institutions

  • Engaging learning modules
  • Educate and assess on-demand
  • Analyse cohort data to identify needs
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Life Science Organisations

  • Enhance HCP engagement, at scale
  • Level up congress and in-person events
  • Strategise and market with data insights
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Institutions & Health Systems

Medical worker in scrubs interacting with a laptop
Workforce and student training
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Pharma & Device

Stock photo of two medical professionals talking
HCP engagement and education at scale
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