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Welcome to Re:course. This guide is intended to get you up to speed with the platform as quickly as possible.

Before you begin

Our platform, and virtual patients, require modern hardware to run effectively and give you the best experience possible. With this in mind, we recommend the following hardware specification:​

Support and issues

If you encounter any issues using the platform, or you have any questions, please contact us - support@recourseai.com

Your dashboard

Once successfully registered, you'll be logged in and redirected to your dashboard. This dashboard serves as your homepage for the platform, from here you can view available courses to enroll on, under the All courses tab, and courses that you have already started, under In progress. As new content is released, you will be able to see it appear on your dashboard. Clicking into a course will take you to the course overview.

Course overview and enrolment

The course overview page gives you at-a-glance information about the course, allowing you to see what the course consists of before enrolling.​

Click the enroll button and you will be granted access to the course material. This course will now appear on your dashboard under In progress.

Clicking on the activity will take you to the activity overview page, this allows you to view the activity information before deciding to proceed. This page also allows you to view previous attempts of activity once complete.

Starting the activity

Once the activity has started, your screen will notify you it is connecting to the virtual patient, this should take up to about 30 seconds depending on your computer and your internet speed.

Once connected, your screen will change to show a telemedicine interface. This interface will vary depending on what computer you are using, and thus what features it can support, however the key aspects of the interface remain the same.

In summary, this page consists of:

The patient and how to interact with them

If your computer supports our 3D avatars, you will be able to see a screen similar to the one above.

Once the patient interaction has started you will be able to communicate with the patient via speech. For the best experience please use the recommended browser.

To engage the patient you can either

Note. We recommend engaging the patient slightly before starting to talk to ensure the beginning of your message is correctly understood.

After you have finished talking and would like the agent to reply

If you experience any difficulties with speech interactions, or if you'd rather not speak, you can use the text chat interface. Expand the right sidebar by clicking on the top-right icon 🗪 and you will be presented with a chat interface. Here, you can send messages to the patient as you would in an instant messaging application.

Optimising accuracy is in your hands! You should:

If you do think that your speech has been incorrectly recognized, you can open the message bar and check what the patient thinks you might have said.

Patient responses

Once your message has been received by the patient, they will respond via both audio and text, the audio will play automatically once received and the text will display in the right-hand sidebar.

Making Notes

During a consultation, you may need to write down key information, the left-hand sidebar can be expanded to give you a space to do so. Any notes you write here will be saved for future reference, and will only be accessible whilst undertaking this activity. Notes may be edited and deleted if necessary.

Finishing the interaction

Once you are satisfied with your consultation, you can press the red 'end call' button. This will move you onto the next stage (if one exists) or it will complete this activity.

Upon completing an activity, you will be navigated back to the activity overview and shown your consultation feedback.

Note. Closing your browser or tab will not terminate the session. You will be able to Resume the interaction if you navigate to the activity page again.

Reattempting activities

From the activity overview page, you're now able to see the score you achieved on your attempts, as well as if you reached the pass mark or not. Each activity can be retaken a certain number of times per day, if you've not yet reached this limit you'll be able to press Reattempt activity to try and improve your performance.

Conversation feedback

If at any point during the activity, something unexpected happens, you can use the review environment to send us feedback, explaining what you expected to happen instead.

The review environment can be accessed by opening the right-hand sidebar and hovering over the response. At this point, you'll see an exclamation mark, like below.

If you press on the exclamation mark, a modal will appear with a form to fill out.