Ministry of Defence partner with Recourse to improve Military and Veteran health using AI

Ministry of Defence partner with Recourse to improve Military and Veteran health using AI

Ministry of Defence partner with Recourse to improve Military and Veteran health using AI
Re:course Team

November 10, 2021

“The MoD has seen value in working with Recourse AI and their approach to de-risk understanding of how serving Military Personnel and Veterans can receive more targeted and timely support through Healthcare Services. By using artificial intelligence to apply training scenarios in a realistic way and bridge between theoretical tuition and real-world consultations, this collaboration could make a significant difference between early recovery and prolonged distress or serious illness, and inform Military and Veteran Healthcare in support of the Government commitment to the Military Covenant”.

Darren Watts,

Technical Partner at Dstl

There are about 2.4 million veterans in the UK, which is about 5% of the UK population and similar to the number of diabetics. Whilst only a minority will need to, for those Service Personnel who seek support from General Practitioners or NHS Mental Health Services, the style of consultation and ability to engage effectively over clinically relevant details, including from service experiences, can make a significant difference between early recovery and prolonged suffering. This collaboration aims to help bridge between theoretical tuition and real-world consultations by clinicians.

Serving military personnel and veterans are a special health group and clinicians require an understanding of their needs. Mental health issues can be challenging for NHS clinicians to diagnose and the addition of the military mindset, which can be very different from civilians, may complicate diagnosis and treatment if clinicians are not practiced as well as trained.

"Having identified the patient as a Veteran, then this training package will equip the GP with skills and knowledge to look after this group."

Brigadier (Retd) Robin G Simpson,

Veterans Champion for the Royal College of General Practitioners, Professor of Military Primary Healthcare and Veterans Health, and Former Dean for the Defence Medical Services

Funded by Dstl, this innovation in healthcare training is a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) project, and will see the launch of digital human representations of military patients, capable of voice-based conversations, powered by the cutting edge in artificial intelligence. By enabling military and NHS clinicians to train and ‘acclimatise’ to a range of patient presentations, mindsets, and experiences prior to face-to-face consultations, this will allow increased focus on the military patient during the real consultation, improve decision making, and potentially save many lives.

Editor’s note

Recourse AI – Conversational AI-Powered Training

Recourse AI is a Manchester-based deep technology company on a mission to accelerate human performance using AI-powered virtual training. Founded by Dr. Scott Martin, Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow at NHS England and CEO at Recourse AI, and Maksim Belousov, PhD in Artificial Intelligence/Natural Language Processing and CTO, the dynamic team are proud to be building on local alumnus Alan Turing's legacy as the "Father of AI", having won awards including “AIMed Europe Dragon's Den” and “Venture Further”.

Recourse AI have developed a flight simulator for human interactions that gives rise to a unique opportunity to support today's learners, by bridging the gap between traditional training and the moment they are asked to utilize skills in the field. This cuts the number of days required to reach mastery in high stakes interactions such as healthcare, by enabling experiential clinical training to happen remotely, ultimately reducing the frequency of medical errors in the real clinical setting.

For more information or for partnership enquiries, please contact Recourse AI.


Social media: @recourseai

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